Saturday, November 13, 2010


Here's another crop of updates. They're images from a series I'm doing for practice as much as anything else. I'm calling it '57', since I've narrowed my selection to 57 images, taken throughout the summer of 2009. I'm working on these between larger projects, but haven't worked on them much recently.

They're pen & ink on bristol, then transferred to watercolor paper. The color is done with a variety of media, but you can be sure colored pencils were involved.
There are images of our trip to San Francisco, to visit our friends Zejian Shen and Sarah Farmer, and our whole group returning to Utah for some space exploration and red rock excursions into Southern Utah. You've maybe seen some related images from Laura's 3 vol. sketchbook collection The People I Know and the Things That We Do.

The goal is to eventually complete an entire series of images cataloging my 3 month/10,000 mile trip. But deadlines have started popping up, so this project is on the back burner.

They're all from the leg of my trip where I met a guy named Buck. This guy was a goldmine of ideas, and I'm writing a little piece about some of the stories this guy had to tell. It's part of a anthology I'm planning for BIRDBRAIN press on classic Americana.

Speaking of Americana, everyone should check out the Oh Nancy Collective, whose collaborative installation is currently on display in Salt Lake City at GARFO Gallery. I saw it last night, and it was pretty awesome.

Here are a few more images from the series, but I haven't gotten around to painting the last two yet.

Back with more soon!

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