Saturday, July 10, 2010


Damn, we're really in the Birdhouse now.

Welcome, and thanks for checking out my new blog! 'BIRDHOUSE' is a vehicle for art, comics, words, and pictures. It's homemade, and sometimes rough around the edges, but made with a lot of love.

After a couple years of wandering, BIRDHOUSE has found a home at BIRDBRAIN press, started by myself and Laura Decker out of Salt Lake City, UT.


This week, we premiered BIRDHOUSE #1 & 2 and the rest of the BIRDBRAIN press line-up (some images above) at the Salt Lake City Public Library's Alternative Press Festival 2010. The whole thing went amazingly well. A really enthusiastic turn out, and a lot of dedicated, talented contributors made it (in my estimation) a huge success! Endless thanks and a big congratulations to Moey Nelson, Clint Watson, and the Alternative Press Collection at SLCPL for putting together such an awesome venue for all the interested artists, zinesters, and comix nuts to come together.*

BIRDBRAIN press at the Alternative Press Festival, Urban Room, SLCPL Main

Next up for BIRDBRAIN press is the 2nd Annual Craft Lake City in August. We'll have a table, so will a lot of other folk, so please come down and check it out!

Until then, watch for updates, news, and new works on the BIRDBRAIN blog network.

*A special entreaty--If you're in the SLC area, and haven't seen it yet, please visit the Alt Press Collection at SLCPL Main, on the 2nd level. There's more zines there than you can shake a stick at, they're constantly getting more, and rumor has it you'll soon be able to find BIRDHOUSE and other BIRDBRAIN press material there. Clint and Moey are awesome, so please support them, us, and the small press community by visiting. Thanks!

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