Monday, June 13, 2011

FUN & GAMES, part 1

This month, Laura Decker and I have a show up at Alchemy Coffee in SLC. The title of the show is 'Fun & Games and Good Company'.

The pieces I have on display are the first 3 in a series I'm currently working on called "Fun & Games". Check them out below-

'Hide and Seek', watercolor, pen & ink

'Duck, Duck, Goose', watercolor, pen & ink

'Capture The Flag', watercolor, pen & ink

I've also got a preview of the next in the series, a work in progress titled 'Chicken'-

detail image from 'Chicken', in progress

More to come! I hope everyone will go see our show this month.

note- Laura's work from the show can be seen on her blog.

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